Looking for more insight into how Daryl works on your big day, what he looks for, what he shoots and how he will be more than just your photographer

Daryl’s photography approach is to be as natural and authentic to the day as possible. Documenting as the day unfolds, capturing the unscripted and honest moments, all of the details, the emotions of the ceremony and speaches, but also those precious split seconds of magic you might miss whilst you’re having fun.

Never stopping from the morning well into the night, there’s no off switch, always observing, getting involved, not shying away, moving around to make sure he interacts with all of your guests and captures as much as possible.

Don’t take Daryl’s word for it, read some of the kind words his couples have said here.

"I don't know how as one person, Daryl managed to capture EVERY aspect of our wedding day"

Anna and Timmy | Northumberland Wedding

On your day, Daryl is there for you! Whatever you need he’s not just your photographer and videographer. He’s been known to help with getting the groom ready, calm the early morning nerves, delivering flowers, help with getting sheep poo off a wedding dress!? … a story for another day!

Daryl’s couples say he is super organised, hard working, and is like having a good friend there with you throughout the day, guiding as necessary, blending in as a guest and getting involved in the day. This is the secret to Daryl’s style as he is able to put everyone at ease and create natural and authentic images which portray the special moments just as you’d imagine. It’s like having one of your best friends there on the day but who’s also a professional photographer!

His shooting style is natural, tending to react rather than plan or pose specific shots, this helps create the authentic look which is signature to his portfolio.



While many have a defined style such as cinematic, fine art, dark and moody, light and airy, Daryl's approach is to be super authentic to the day, the venue, the couple, the lighting and even through to his editing. Keeping the story natural.

Natural, authentic and emotive storytelling!

From shooting to editing Daryl treats each image with the love and attention it deserves. No crazy colours, no filters or presets, authenticity only.



From the moment Daryl gets in his car in the morning, to the end of the day he never stops creating. Running around like a lunatic making sure to get EVERY shot possible from the day. Thriving on the hype and excitement, his energy and creative decision making doesn't dwindle until he steps back in his car, even after a 12pm session on the dance floor.

Although some moments throughout the day are pre-defined, the first kiss, your dad seeing you in your dress for the first time or the first dance, other moments happen in the blink of an eye and its important to have a photographer who can pre-visualise these moments to be in the right place at the right time.



Your big day is full of picture perfect key moments from seeing the bride for the first time, your first kiss, cutting the cake to throwing the bouquet. Daryl ensures all these special highlights are captured and evoke the emotions you felt on the day. The laughs, the tears and the heartfelt moments with your loved ones.



It's the smaller moments and details that help tell more of a story of your day and Daryl makes sure to document these parts just as much as the key moments.

The dress, the suit, the shoes, the flowers, the watch, the car, the table dressing, the venue, the environment, the landscape, the weather, you name it, it's documented!



This is probably the only time of the day when you can slow down and take a moment with each other and talk about your day before things pick up pace again on the dance floor.

Daryl keeps his couple sessions very relaxed, you two go for a walk and Daryl mostly just follows you and snaps away, maybe giving you some slight direction and to keep things moving but the key here is to ensure Daryl isn't keeping you away from your guests for too long.

The couples portraits tend to happen once or twice for maximum 10-15 minutes a piece. One just after the ceremony during canapés and another during sunset, maximising the opportunities with the golden light!



Daryl tends to shoot throughout the day with natural and ambient light but as the sun goes down and the dance floor gets packed, the lights go out, he uses on camera lighting (either flash or constant) to shoot when you think it would be impossible. It's always fun to see your guests cutting shapes and Daryl's equipment and settings allows for super creative shots to close out the day.

Daryl is not one to shy away from the dance floor and run off when things get crazy, he's always up for a good dance, even after a 12 hour day, so just look for a guy with a camera having the best time.

Kat and Martin put it best "he even stayed late, not sure if that was down to the pizza, or because he was having a great time on the dance floor snapping some outrageous dancing"



Do you shoot formal family photos? The answer is yes, but Daryl always suggest limiting this time as no one enjoys standing around for 30 minutes as a conveyor belt of people enter the frame. Instead Daryl suggests a maximum 10 images of your nearest and dearest and then we can cover more candid images of other guests throughout the day.

This is the time of the day after you've just walked down the aisle, and to Daryl it's more important that you spend this time with your loved ones and friends, connecting and having a laugh!

Daryl might even mix things up and get the drone in the air for something a bit more unique!

Ultimately this is YOUR day so Daryl is here to serve you and your vision, how ever you want it documented he is here to help. If you don’t like things in a more traditional format and you’re doing things your own way then awesome. Daryl will work just as hard in any situation or location. Whatever you throw at him (not literally) he will thrive!



Kind Words From Daryl's Couples

Daryl is simply AMAZING! He is really more than a photographer. On the day itself, we felt in safe hands and it was like having a friend there with you. Daryl’s experience and professionalism shine through, allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding without worry. We couldn’t be happier with our wedding photos, they are exactly how we imagined and it’s obvious that Daryl listened to what we wanted and went with the theme of the wedding on all the photos, the little details were captured beautifully. Many guests commented on how discrete Daryl was - he worked tremendously hard all day and never stopped. I would wholeheartedly recommend that Daryl capture your big day.

wedding at the lake district mountains

Natalie and Tom | Lake District Wedding

We had the pleasure of Daryl photographing our wedding at Healey Barn in March.

Daryl was highly recommended by friends and other wedding photographers, so it wasn’t a surprise to find he was absolutely mint.

From our initial intro call we could tell Daryl fully understood what we were after and his friendly demeanour made it so easy for us and our guests on the day. As my sister said to me, “he didn’t stop from the minute he got there until the end of the night” and it’s true, he put in a proper shift.

Daryl went above and beyond to get the right shots, even scoping the venue out in advance to understand the best locations for our photos, where the sunset would be and where he could get his drone to hover in order to setup the perfect image. He even stayed late, not sure if that was down to the pizza, or because he was having a great time on the dancefloor snapping some outrageous dancing! (Or the snoozing best man).

Thank you once again Daryl, you’ve captured the day perfectly and we can’t recommend you enough.

Kat and Martin

I don't know how as one person Daryl managed to capture EVERY aspect of our wedding day. We love every single photo - the joy, emotion and detail we put into the day was highlighted through every image. I am so grateful for his patience with us and understanding the look and vision we wanted from the day. We will treasure these effortlessly beautiful images for the rest of our lives, I cannot recommend Daryl highly enough, thank you!

Anna and Timmy | Northumberland Wedding

17th October 2020, the best day of our lives captured so perfectly on film to cherish forever.

As a couple who had never been photographed professionally before we felt nervous to be shot. Daryl immediately put us at ease by travelling 4 hours to shoot closer to us for our engagement shoot. We loved how easy it was to work with him and how he managed to capture our relationship so perfectly.

The big day was no different. Daryl turned up in plenty time and took photos of us both getting ready and our guests turning up. Under the new restrictions we were only allowed 13 guests but you wouldn't have thought that there were so few of us there from the photos. They captured the intimacy and cosiness of the day so well. We especially loved the mixture of candid and posed shots and Daryl's edits reflected our personality, style and the season too.

We can't wait to have them framed in our home and can't thank you enough Daryl xx

Helen and Andy | Northumberland Wedding

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